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Fred Yates 1922 - 2008

La maison de FRED YATES Rancon limousin


"La Maison de Fred Yates"

4 rue de la forge, 87290 Rancon

W871000973 SIREN 819 252 271

M. et Mme SUNMAN, sont actuelle les propriétaires de la maison ayant appartenu au peintre britannique, bien connu outre-Manche, Fred Yates qui s'y installa dans les années 1990, en propose la visite sur rendez-vous.
​L'association de la maison de Fred Yates créée en l'an 2016 dans le but de prolonger le travail artistique et philosophique de Fred Yates à travers la préservation de son patrimoine et le soutien aux artistes exposants dans une galerie.
La Galerie Sans-titre sera ouverte au public les
samedi et dimanche, de 10h à 12h30 et de 15h30 à 18h.
Renseignements auprès de M. et Mme. SUNMAN .


Galerie Sans-titre et La Maison de Fred Yates  
Rue de la Forge, 87290 RANCON

33 (0)5 55 60 15 57

lat. 46° 7' 48" - long. 1° 10' 56"

Galerie Rancon

Frederick Joseph Yates

1922 - 2008


Fred Yates was born, one of twin brothers, in Manchester, England 1922.

Fred worked as an insurance clerk, in the family business before being drafted into the Grenadier Guards at the age of 19. His twin brother was killed in 1944. Subsequently Fred returned to Manchester determined to become an artist. He was anxious to escape what he described as “ …..the tightness, discipline and torture of my childhood.”


The lively working class of Manchester were his strongest influence. Factories, holidays by the seaside, punch and Judy shows, dancing girls and music halls. His earlier painted figures were isolated, with no hands and little contact, reflecting his stiff Victorian upbringing.


For Fred the beauty in art resided in simplicity and a child's eye. Fred used his colour to break free from his influence of L.S Lowry. Fred became known as the self styled 'Happy Lowry'.


A lifelong bachelor, Fred sought a simple, uncomplicated life and soon appreciated the joie de vivre of rural France and became greatly inspired by french artists, Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne.


Fred remained modest in the face of success, maintaining the freedom and solitude that were essential to his life of painting. He stayed in France until his death and spent most of his waking moments capturing the beauty of the countryside in the Haute-Vienne.


Fred died in 2008 and is buried in Cornwall, England.



"La maison de Fred Yates"


Rue de la Forge, 87290 Rancon

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galerie sans titre rancon
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